Drowned City

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Nancy and Steven, few years already, are in a search for the drowned ancient city of Poseleum. There are certain assumptions that this city was drown 500 years before the new era. Many people were searching for the lost city but because the city was drowned very deep, no one could find it. This fact was making the mystery even bigger because people invented numerous rumors about it, willing to know if this city and the remains of it really offered something interesting and valuable.But it seems that the time has come, these actual rumors to come to its end. Also, it seems that this day is a happy day for Nancy and Steven because after so much searching, they finally succeeded to find the drowned city of Poseleum. Now it’s time to start exploring the remains of the drowned city and see what are they hiding.We are about to find out something really important because together with Nancy and Steven we are going to be the first ones who have the privilege to see this place. Let’s search around and enjoy our ‘stay’ in the drowned city of Poseleum.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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