Paranormal Diary

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Beverly and Ralph are spouses that share the same passion. It is about something it’s not a hobby of many people but only a few…someone who believes in this kind of stuff. We are talking about paranormal activities, or more precisely, Beverly and Ralph have a passion for discovering places where paranormal activities happen.They explore different information about this topic and visit the mentioned places to check out what is going on there. Sometimes they find something paranormal in those places, but sometimes it’s only about a story…Today Beverly and Ralph come to one small village graveyard where the people who live there often notice ghosts. People see the ghosts walking near this graveyard and they make them scared a lot!They can come to the graveyard and visit their late friends and relatives because they feel scared of the ghosts that seem to be ruling this place.Beverly and Ralph start their mission in this village, hoping that they will find a solution for this unusual situation that bothers everyone who lives near the village.

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