Ancient Enigma

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The young explorer Bahman who is into Egypt and works on discovering different things about it, has decided that it is time to dedicate himself to something that makes troubles to all world archeologists. It is about an eternal enigma related to the secret place where is buried the treasure of the pharaoh Neheb.Noone has managed to find that place so far and discovering that treasure will definitely be a great thing. But on the other hand, there is also something else that interrupts the process of exploring. Maybe someone managed to find the place but there are still few riddles that need to be solved.Bahman has found out the place where those riddles are written and he hopes that if he solves the riddles, he will find the place where the treasure is located. Since the great egyptologist is on his way to discover something huge, we will also be a part of this important expedition, just that we have to help him a bit.Let’s look for the treasure together but also let’s help Bahman with the riddles and see what will happen.

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