Illuminated Codex

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A library is a quiet place, but it doesn\'t mean that the quietness doesn\'t \"tell much\" sometimes. A lot of wisdom lies on those shelves... Noah is passionate about science, and his special interest is in history. He enjoys spending hours in the library, poring over books, and doing research. Recently, he came upon information that led him to believe that the library in his city has one of the most enigmatic texts in the world - the Illuminated Codex. Excited to examine this rare and mysterious text, Noah arrived at the library later than usual. Some may say that it is sneaking around but his passion is so big that he will do anything to find something more about this text. He is aware of the exclusiveness of this text and its big importance, so he also dreams about describing it. Let\'s visit the library, together with our Noah, and see what is hiding there. This is a unique opportunity to find out something more about this text and possibly, find out the truth about it.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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