The Last One

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Unfortunately, there are numerous theories of conspiracy, even when it comes about the most delicate thing, the human health. Every day we hear about new viruses that spread around. Some of them are insignificant but also there are some that are highly contagious, leaving terrible consequences for the health, some of them even deadly.Nicole and her colleague Eric work in the police station that is located in the north part of the city. They also live in that part so they know it really good. There has been a call that in one of the houses in the north part of the city there is a house where is hidden doctor Larry. This man is not known for good.Namely there is information that he is responsible for spreading a certain deadly virus. His assistants are already caught, it\'s only him left on freedom and when he will be caught, next thing will be finding vaccines against this deadly virus. Let\'s help Nicole and Eric catch doctor Larry and save the whole humanity from the dangerous virus that is about to spread very fast.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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