Vintage Elegance

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Debra is one of the most famous seamstresses in town, having dressed all the most important people. She loves her profession and is good at what she does, constantly striving to ensure impeccable quality. However, Debra is facing the most important project in her life - her niece\'s wedding. Her niece is going to say the fateful yes in a few days, so Debra decided it would be best if she could make her wedding dress. These days, the final preparations and rehearsals are being done, so Debra called her daughter Janet to help her with the wedding dress. It is more than certain that the two of them will manage to make the perfect dress for their beloved relative, a dress that will be remembered for a long time in their city and will make the bride-to-be infinitely happy. Let\'s see what\'s going on in Debra\'s workshop and help her prepare for her niece\'s wedding. This will be a really interesting opportunity to learn more about cutting and sewing, so let\'s not miss it.

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