Hidden Remains

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When one society is dealing with threat of criminals, of murderers than people that live in that place are afraid and that is so normal. Feeling free is very expensive feeling, it is something that doesn\'t come from up above, but it is something that we need to conquer. And people fought for the freedom in centuries and millennia.That fight must come from ourselves, not from someone else. If you think that serial killers happen only in criminal movies, than you are mistaking. That situation is very often in big cities. We are introducing you two detectives in today game that were confronted with such a case.Lisa and Donald are detectives who for few years are trying to catch the serial killer in their town. Exactly one month ago they have finally made it to enter the trace of this murderer and they have put him behind the bars. But, as things don\'t always turn as we want them to, but now there is a new problem. The court can\'t find enough evidences to close the case, and that\'s why Lisa and Donald together with their team return back into the apartment where they have arrested the killer searching for hidden evidences.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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