Veil of Winter

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Celebration on the city square, celebration at home or celebration in some restaurant, a club or a disco, are the most often chosen options for celebrating the New Year\'s Eve. That is something that people usually do on this night, waiting for the New Year to come. Everyone is all dressed up, in a good mood and likes to have fun with friends, enjoying nice food and drinks. However, that doesn\'t mean that those are the only options for having fun. Namely, the New Year is the time when we all should be creative as much as we can and do something that makes us happy.Judy for this year wished to have a little bit different New Year\'s celebration. She loves the life in the village, so she, together with her husband, has decided to spend the New Year celebration in her husband\'s native village. Actually she visits this place for the first time and she is really excited about being here.Since she is in the village for the first time, Judy decides to walk around and see the beauties of this place. She is rather excited and amazed by the beauties of this village. Everything looks as she has imagined which means that her wish is fulfilled, so she is overjoyed about the whole thing.

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