Night Train

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The detectives, Anna and Eric, work undercover on their new case. Undercover missions may seem interesting in the movies, exciting, and full of different staged situations, but in reality, those cases can be very difficult for managing, because false identities are not always easy to handle. This time it is about the robberies on the trains that have become frequent. Almost every night, the thieves are stealing valuable objects from the passengers that travel with the night train. The two detectives will try to infiltrate the common people, to discover the identity of the thieves. They will travel for a certain time on the night train, hoping that they will notice some traces of the robbers. Let\'s see how will Anna and Eric deal with the whole situation. Will they be able to get a trace of the criminals? Let\'s see what is going on there and try to help them finish their job as soon as possible, to avoid the next victims on the trains. The safety of the passengers is very important, so let\'s make sure they feel secure when they use this means of transport.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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