Ski Village

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Oh, you remember that moment when you were just little and when you were going somewhere on holiday, hardly waiting to get there and go swimming or skiing, depending on the season. And when you would get to the final destination, usually you and your dad would go outside while mom would clean up the place and prepare it for your stay, right? Moms know that moment too, right? Well, Sharon, together with her family, arrives in a ski village located a few kilometers from her home. They all love this place and come here often by car, to enjoy the snow and snow sports. As always,, tie ovde iznajmija vila , no samo sto pristignaaa, nejziniot soprug, zaedno so nejzinite dve deca, vednas zaminaaa na ski stazite. Now it\'s up to Sharon to take care of the accommodation in the house, unpack the suitcases and get the place ready for their stay in this place. Accommodation is not a problem for Sharon, but if we help her with her work, she will be able to go enjoy the snow faster. Let\'s help her.

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