Chasing Justice

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Bringing justice is the main aim of the work of the police officers and the legal services. But sometimes, they simply can\'t prove that someone is responsible for a certain criminal case or they can\'t find the criminals because the act is performed without leaving any evidence. The two detectives Olivia and MArk are encharged for a case of this type - an older case that hasn\'t been solved yet. They have proofs that one man has been wrongly accused and he is in prison unnecessary. The situation is very serious, but at the time when he got the prison sentence, there wasn\'t any evidence that could prove his innocence. The task of the two detectives is to find out the person who has really committed that crime and finally put him behind the bars, finally bringing justice to the man who is in prison. This is a great chance to show your detective skills and try to find answers and pieces of evidence that will help the detectives and this man. Let\'s work like real detectives and bring justice.

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