Subway Crime

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Janet and Alexander are two detectives who are on a special mission in the city subway. And it’s not just about rumors when we hear that there is a group of skilled and trained robbers that operate here every day. They operate in the city subway and the region around the subway. They actually steal valuable objects from the people that travel in the subway.It’s a classical case of robbers that know how to get into people’s pockets or bags and steal their money and other valuable objects. But this group operates for a very long time and no one managed to catch them because of their skills.However, Janet and Alexander are on a mission to discover the leader of this criminal gang but before that, they will have to find the crucial evidences that will put the members of this criminal gang behind the bars. Let’s see what is it about and try to help the two detectives provide the needed evidences. That way we will have a role in making the city subway a safe place. The people will definitely feel safer if they know that the robbers are caught.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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