Haunted Dragons

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And now it\'s time to step into the world of fantasy and enter an interesting story, whether we want to believe that all this is true or not. This game takes us to the village of cursed dragons and here we will meet the old sorceress Cynthia, but also the witch Jonathan. Namely, the sorceress comes to the village of cursed dragons where things are not as they were before. The witch Jonathan has cursed the dragons that live in this village and made them evil. As such, these dragons attack anyone who enters the village, so the village has not been visited by anyone lately. Dragons sow fear everywhere and only cause trouble. However, Cynthia is determined to put an end to this situation. She is determined to release the curse from the dragons and make them free again, but also good again. Let\'s see how the battle of the sorceress Cynthia will unfold and help her in her mission to free the dragons. Facing the witch Jonathan can also be a big challenge, but we believe we are up to the task, don\'t we?

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