Favorite Destination

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Each one of us has his own favorite travel destination, a place that he finds most interesting and most beautiful and he would like to visit that place over and over again. We believe that there are not many people who don\'t like traveling while most of us will enjoy turning our lives into vacation, of course, if that is possible. For some people traveling is a profession. Just think about the pilots, the stewardesses, the journalists, the commercial travelers, even fashion models and so on. Sometimes those people are more on a trip than in their own houses which is ok since they have chosen traveling as their profession, just like we have chosen our professions.Emily is one of those people that love traveling all around the world and discovering new cities and cultures.That\'s why she has chosen to work as a reporter in one magazine about tourism and that is the spot where her greatest passion and her profession match perfectly. Emily has a rubric and a task to visit the biggest cities in few countries all around the world and write articles about them. She describes everything about the places which makes easier for the readers of the magazine to choose their favorite destination.This is our chance to travel a bit together with our Emily and see how she spends her days, always finding new and interesting places for visit. Maybe you will find your favorite destination too.

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