Forgotten Gemstones

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Old age means wisdom, but often it comes with some unwanted things. We mean weakness and all kinds of illnesses, including issues that affect the brain as losing memory.The grandmother of Sandra and Mark lives in the old part of the city. She is a very kind, but also a very old lady and she often forgets things. Sometimes she forgets simple everyday things while sometimes she forgets crucial things, like this time. The grandmother owns some precious gemstones and she always had this special place where she kept them. However, this time the grandmother has forgotten where the gemstones are?. They are somewhere in the house, but where? That is a serious question, and the grandmother is the only person who knows the answer... The two grandchildren have a task to search their grandmother\'s place and see if they can find the lost gemstones. Ok, they might be only hidden, not lost, but it is the same in this case, right?Let\'s search through the grandmother\'s house, together with Sandra and Mark, and see if we can find the valuable gemstones.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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