Luggage Labyrinth

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Air transport is regarded as the best-developed type of transport. However, since countless people are transported by plane every day, various misunderstandings and omissions can occur here, which is normal. In those situations, the people employed by the airports must be activated, to find what is mixed up, and what is missing, although unfortunately sometimes nothing can be done. Eric is a businessman traveling in business class. Business-class service is considered impeccable, but things can always get out of hand. Upon landing at the airport, Eric realizes his luggage has been lost in the airport\'s labyrinthine procedures. That\'s right, luggage travels from one place to another, is checked in at certain places, and sometimes it goes astray in the whole process. Eric, on the other hand, is in too much of a hurry this time because he has to get to a meeting, and he doesn\'t even have time to wait for the services to solve his problem. He decides to start searching for his luggage himself, hoping that this will end the search faster.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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