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The fast pace of living in civilization or quiet life in a village - different people choose differently, and both choices are good, depending on what a person prefers. Isabella lives in the city, but she has some relatives in the village too. She hasn\'t been there for some time, and today she comes to visit her cousin Randy who lives in a small mountain village. It is a lovely place. The mountain and the nature are incredible, but Isabella hasn\'t been here since she was very small. She feels like she has forgotten how wonderful this place was, and she is very happy at the same time because she is here once again. Randy lives in a mountain house with a very beautiful yard. The yard is big, and it always needs arranging and maintenance. Randy could always use some help, and Isabella is here for that too. Let\'s help Randy and Isabella finish all the responsibilities in the yard. While we do that, we will enjoy the fresh air and our stay in nature, surrounded by high mountains.

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