Journey of Wisdom

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Maybe the regular holidays that we spend somewhere on the beach, are not something that could make us much wiser, even though we feel more relaxed and recharged after that. However, journeys to another country that include learning something more about that culture, meeting new people, seeing new things that can\'t be seen at home, give a special feedback that definitely makes us richer.Gloria starts the journey of her lifetime. This is something she has planned for a long time and she likes and believes that it will make her richer with new wisdom and new experiences. She has chosen to visit the temple of the wise men. Her intention is to find the objects and the books of the wise men and with that, to come back home feeling spiritually richer.This sounds like a very interesting journey and at the same time that is something that everyone wishes to experience in life, regardless of the way how he or she will reach it. That\'s why we should use the chance and check out what will Gloria experience on her way to the wisdom. Maybe we will learn something too and we will come out richer from all of that.

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