Neverending Midnight

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Maybe we are not experts in things like this but there are people who know a lot about paranormal phenomena. Namely, Ruth and Douglas are exploring one paranormal phenomenon. It is about a case that has been spreading fear all through the country for a longer period of time. The legend says that the clown Jose, who is dead for few years already, suddenly appears in his ruined house.This man has died exactly at midnight and in the house happens something strange, at midnight. Namely, if some person comes into Jose\'s house, he will stay there stacked in eternal midnight that never ends...and that is quite uncomfortable...That\'s why Ruth and Douglas are here, to solve the mystery about the death of the clown Jose. Is it about unfinished job or something else, we could not guess but Ruth and Douglas are experts in paranormal phenomena, so we are sure that they will figure out what is going on very soon. It seems that we could not smile on the jokes of this clown, but that will be solved very soon. Let\'s help and hope that we won’t be captured in that never-ending midnight!

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