The Last Place

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Hiking is definitely one of the best sports. Some people take it very seriously and go for conquering very high mountain peaks while others like to hike just for a hobby, breathing the fresh air and taking care of the whole health condition. It both cases hiking is something that gives us a lot of energy and makes us feel better on the whole.But some people like to go into extremes. They are adrenaline addicts and are willing to get to places where no one has been before, looking for perfect sights or other things that seem important to them. well Ralph seem to be one of those people because he disappeared few days ago in the mountain.Already few days his friends Jane and Bradley are looking for him and they have explored almost every possible place in the mountain. Today they have reached the place that seem to be the last option for searching. Actually this place is their last hope that they could find out what happen to their friend and where is he now. Jane and Bradley are very excited and they hardly wait to find out the truth.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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