Ancient Prairie

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Our antecedents talk about us. Everyone should know its\' roots if he/she wants to get to know him/herself better. If we know ourselves better, we would be better persons and we could work on our attitude and lifestyle. We should all know our history to work on our future. Sometimes that is not an easy thing to be achieved, but it is worth it.When you go backwards and think of your grandparents, grand grandparents and their grandparents, off course, if you are lucky enough some close member to the family to explain all this to you, you might find out more similarities about yourself than you could suppose.In such situation is our hero of the day. The girl Lori is in front of a big mission. Lori is on her way to find out the biggest mystery that lies behind the woods next to her home. She loves to find out the history of one abandoned area that is few hours walk through the woods. Lori knows that this place hides things connected to her ancestors and starts the investigation. Here you come on board and will help this lady.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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