Treasure Keeper

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So, this particular situation, given in the game that follows, may surprise you a bit but that doesn\'t mean that you won\'t enjoy it and have a great fun playing it. You will meet one special world, something that differs from our reality and it is something that will surprise you and entertain you at the same time.Victoria is a girl that is called on a very important and at the same time, very unusual mission. Namely, she has been called by Terry, who is the keeper of a certain treasure that actually belongs to the trolls. Yes, you heard right, the trolls. And Victoria is here so she could help Terry in his job.Maybe Victoria is not a professional in this job, but that\'s why Terry is here. He has a task to explain Victoria which are her responsibilities for this night. For her favor, Victoria will get a very interesting and valuable price- Terry will award her with few golden coins. Let\'s help Terry and Victoria keep the treasure and make sure that the trolls won\'t be disappointed.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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