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Sisters and brothers always have some interesting games or some jokes and riddles they do between each other. Besides the regular talks, that’s what makes a brother-sister relationship stronger and deeper. With the years, some sisters and brothers forget about those important things while others cherish them through their whole lives.Gregory and his sister also had this kind of a relation when they were younger but this time, we can’t be sure if it’s about a game or about something more serious. Gregory hasn’t heard anything from his sister for few days and that’s what makes him really worried.He tries to figure out why is it like that and when he realizes that he can’t reach his sister on the phone, he decides to come into her apartment and visit her. But when Gregory comes into the place, he realizes that the apartment is empty and there are few riddles left hidden all around the place. It seems that Gregory will have to solve this riddles if he likes to find out his sister. Let’s help him!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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