The Lost Story

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Kevin is all grown up right now, but after many years he comes back to the place where he was born and lived until he was seven. It is about a very nice village, a place that everyone would like to see but for Kevin, this place has a sentimental value as well.He remembers some things from his early childhood and besides the other things, he remembers a certain story that he heard from his grandfather. It was before his death - the time when the grandfather told this beautiful and instructive story to his grandson Kevin.Kevin remembers some tiny details from the story but he would like to remember the whole thing. The aim of his last visit to the village where he was born is to try to remember it. He will do his best to connect things, to find something that will bring back his memory in that part, and to find the lost story.We might also learn something from the grandfather\'s story so let\'s help Kevin in his search. At the same time, we will get to know his village and have a wonderful time there.

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