Royal Conspiracy

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It seems that everything is not that perfect in the royal family. Things may seem to be going smoothly, but it is the opposite, under the surface. Princess Elizabeth and her brother, Prince William, believe that a conspiracy is taking place in their royal family. They have searched a bit, and it seems that everything directs them to some distant relatives of the king. Elizabeth and William suspect that those distant relatives want to overthrow the king, so they decide to do something about that. The two royals will visit their relative\'s house to find some pieces of evidence that will prove their doubts. It is about their distant uncle John who might be responsible for planning this royal conspiracy. Let\'s help the prince and the princess find out the truth about the insidious games that happen in the kingdom. That might be a difficult mission, but if we work hard, we may save the king from a serious attack. Also, we will find out something more about the lives of the royals and their internal problems.

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