Hidden Trace

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Detective Roy works on a very specific case. You have heard about collectors of different things, like collecting works of art, collecting rare coins, Postal stamps, etc. In this case, it\'s about a diamond collection. The detective Roy works on a case of stolen diamonds that belonged to a private collection. The diamonds are part of a very rare collection and their value is priceless. However, many professionals worked on this case before. They were trying to find out who is responsible for the robbery of the diamonds but they could not prove anything because there were not enough pieces of evidence. Roy has been exploring a lot. He has invested a lot of energy in this case, so now he believes that he has found one hidden trace and he is on his way to shed light on the case. Let\'s see what is this specific case about and try to help Roy solve it by finding the crucial traces. We can learn something more about collecting diamonds and that will be something very interesting, right?

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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