Dark Companion

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Do you believe in vampires? Maybe they were more actual before, but now it looks like there are not many people who believe that they really exist. However, this story about Virginia could change your mind since this girl has been captured by a real vampire.Just imagine to spend time with a vampire, as your only companion, for a certain period of time! Well that\'s what happen to Virginia, no matter how strange that may sound. This girl is captured by vampire named Franky so now he is her dark companion. Living with a vampire is not something that we like, isn\'t it? That\'s why Virginia likes to escape from here too. However, in order to leave the place, Virginia has a particular task that needs to be complete. Namely, she has to find all the objects that Franky needs, if she likes to be free.As a price for completing this task, Virginia will get her freedom but also she will be awarded with a certain amount of rare coins, something that has invaluable value. Are you prepared for this vampire adventure? Let\'s help Virginia escape the situation as soon as possible.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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