Without Trace

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Unfortunately, it happens people to went missing. Sometimes they simply lose their way and it is hard for them to come back, but sometimes accidents happen… Pamela and her father Tyler are really worried because something like this happened to them. Namely, Pamela’s brother Jerry went missing. Two days ago, Jerry, together with his friends, went camping but Pamela and her father Tyler didn’t have any contact from him since then.Not a single telephone call or something, nothing. They are so worried about Jerry, so they decide that they should look for him. Pamela and her father come to the place where Jerry was supposed to camp with his friends. They would like to see if they could find something that will be a trace for finding Jerry and his group.They will search the whole place and look for some evidences or maybe even find Jerry and his friends, actually that’s why they are here. This situation is very delicate for Pamela and her father so let’s give them some help and we hope that they will find Jerry on time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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