Sacred Collection

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In ancient and medieval times, the faithful knew the meaning of all the sacred items in a church. The priest Henry knew very well the worth and the meaning of the sacred and religious goods which he took from the church and hid them on his farm. Each of the objects has a purpose and a history and to serve their purpose they should be coming home to the church where they belong.Henry\'s farm today is an abandoned place. It\'s only purpose is to serve as a hiding place for the priest and the stolen sacred collection. Evelyn is the only brave person that can go to the abandoned farm and find the hidden objects that the priest has hidden there. Today she arrived on the farm to explore it and begin the search.This collection of items is very rare and it would mean a great deal to the local church if Evelyn manages to find them all. Help her explore its many riches! Find hidden objects in a few levels as you find the secrets behind the sacredness of each item. Search for the items and help Evelyn return the sacred collection home!

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Mystery



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