Rules of Immortals

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We have heard many stories about immortals, no matter if it\'s about vampires or about gods but in reality, we don\'t recognize them, walking among us. Then again, what if those immortals are hidden somewhere far away from us, to be protected from the everyday things that surround us? Maybe they don\'t like to be seen or maybe their immortality should not be interrupted by the presence of someone mortal?Well those are doubts that will stay unanswered for us, at least for now, nonetheless let us give you a sneak pick of the things we are talking about… Flaminia, Hiromi and Naima are the three immortals that live deep in the magical forest. Have you ever thought about something like this? Each one of those immortals has her own different power but that power doesn\'t come without conditions.Namely, they take care of their place where they live but also they have to live according to certain rules. Living by those rules guarantees their immortality but if they brake those rules, they won\'t be immortal any more.

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