Cargo Theft Gang

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Well, we have to admit that thieves and criminals know how to be \"creative\" in the sense that they see possible loot everywhere around them. When we talk about thieves, usually, we think about thieves that operate in homes, banks, and markets, but their options seem to be even broader. Even shipping containers are not safe places anymore.Detective Lawrence is working with police officer Hudson. In front of them, there is a new case that waits to be solved. The detective and the police officer are at a shipping container site. Namely, a crime was committed at this place. The cargo theft gang has made a large heist once again. Something was stolen from the site. It appears that actually a valuable museum artifact was stolen from one of the containers. Some people don\'t know how to appreciate works of art, but the ones who know their true value, know that it is very difficult, even impossible, to get some objects on the regular market, but they are very demandable on the black market. Now, it\'s up to the detective and the police officer to solve this case.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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