Honeymoon Gone Wrong

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Emily and Steven are a young married couple. They decided to spend some time in a romantic resort at the south coast. Actually, it is about their honeymoon and they planned to be special. However, unfortunately things are not always as we plan. Something unwanted happen, so now Emily and Steven are going through a big nightmare.The detectives Karen and Andrew, together with their team, arrive at the resort where Emily and Steven spend their holiday. Actually, Emily and Steven were victims of a robbery. Someone has entered into their apartment and has stolen a lot of gold and diamond jewelry. Those things were their presents, something they got as wedding presents, so they are really sad about what happen.The detectives will start the investigation right away because it is about personal stuff that is really worth. As soon as they find the criminals, the chances for getting back the stolen things is bigger. Let’s take a look together and see if we cant help with something about the investigation.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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