Lying Game

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Every day is a new challenge for everyone in the police station. The police officers Mary and Bryan are in charge of a case about a robbery. More precisely, it is about a robbery of very valuable jewelry, stolen from the house that belongs to miss Teresa. They come into the house, a few minutes after the robbery was reported, in order to search for any traces and evidences that will help them find out who is responsible for this crime.However, since the beginning of the investigation, the whole case is full of mystery because as the evidences say, the door was not broken by force. How could those jewelries disappear if no one entered the apartment? It’s officers’ job to figure this out, of course, following the traces that the thieves have left behind.It might seem that this case is a real mystery, but Mary and Brian are real professionals and they will definitely solve this case, even though it seems like a very complicated case. The criminals might be very smart and sly but the justice is even smarter and it always gets wherever it’s needed.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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