Traces of Love

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Since they were very young, Katherine and her brother Benjamin were listening to stories about Paris. Their grandfather was the one who was amazed by this city, describing it as the most romantic city in the world. But besides the city, there was one more thing that was very important in his stories – the fatal French girl.Their grandfather was mentioning her very often because he was in love with this wonderful mysterious girl while he was studying in Paris. The memories of her followed him through his whole life, remembering the moments with her as something very beautiful.Katherine and her brother Benjamin always heard nice things about Paris and now, they arrive in Paris, together with their friends. They are here to enjoy the city but at the same time, they are on a romantic mission.They would like to trace their grandfather’s French love and find out who is she and why is she so special. Is she special just in his memories or it is really about an extraordinary person? Let’s help Katherine and Benjamin in their romantic mission.

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