Prairie Mysteries

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So, today\'s game will take us to a distant place, years back, in the time of the brave cowboys. Riding horses, dealing with different robbers and criminals - those things are just a part from what we see in the movies, but in real, maybe it was even harder, who knows. Barbara and Steven definitely know because the two of them are real cowboys who deal with all kind of stuff every day. Actually, they are real experts for solving mysteries all around the prairie and even it may sound complicated, they always know what to do. Today Barbara and Steven came to one small abandoned city that also hides a mystery. We still don\'t know what is it about, but let\'s take the challenge and try to solve the mystery together with them, no matter what. We may face everything there, but we are sure that we will be brave in this mission too and solve the mystery without any problem, right?Let\'s see what is going on, there in the prairie and help our cowboys find out the answer for the strange mystery.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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