Lost Masterpiece

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When it comes to late musicians, artists or writers, that have left a significant trace in the history of arts, with their unique works of art, we can never be sure if the public is familiar with all of their work. Just think, who can know for sure what was hidden in the basement of some mastermind.Maybe that basement was searched in details but what about some forgotten drawer or some old box?! Maybe that forgotten place hides the greatest works od that mastermind - a painting, a composition or a handwriting.Heather arrives at the house of one of today’s most famous composers. His name is Adam Davis and and his compositions are taken as the most complex and the most appreciated works of art - real masterpieces.However, there is still one more composition mentioned in Adam’s biography that was never heard by anyone. Heather believes that exactly this composition is hidden somewhere in Adam’s house and she is prepared to search the house and see if she can find it.

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