Missing Gold

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Well, perhaps most of us have though in some point of our lives, what if we find some hidden amount of money or gold in our house. Maybe in the old closet, or the attic, maybe in the basement ... But the fact is that only few of us had that luck...Donna and Joshua are niece and grandfather. Once day Joshua took his grandfather Donna into the house where he grew up. It is a very interesting place and Donna likes it very much. But it\'s not just the place, it\'s also about the things that are hidden there. Namely, Joshua remembers that many years ago, his grandmother was talking about hidden treasure in the house.Supposedly, the treasure was somewhere in the house but it was never found. Hm, where could that treasure be?! Donna and her grandfather Joshua have a difficult job, to find the hidden treasure, if they are lucky enough for fidning the right place where it is hidden. Let\'s take part in this interesting adventure and help in finding the hidden treasure. Maybe we will discover many new interesting things on our way, so don\'t waste any more time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


Hidden Objects Adventure



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