One Hour Left

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Bringing justice might be one of the biggest challenges, taken in any sense. A person that feels that something is not as it\'s supposed to be, that feels somehow damaged by the acts of another person, always likes to makes things right, investing a lot of energy and will in that. Lisa is a private detective who likes to bring justice for many people that work in the local factory.Actually hundreds of people who worked there were fired from work unfairly and Lisa, together with her colleagues Martha and Thomas, like to make things right. At the moment, they are in the house of the wealthy owner of the factory, looking for some important evidences that could prove the truth. Lisa knows that this man has the jury on his side but she believes that the evidences will bring those people back to work, proving that they didn\'t do anything wrong.However, there is still one thing that stands on Lisa\'s way and that is the time. There is only one hour left for Lisa and her colleagues to find those crucial evidences that will bring justice for all. Let\'s search for them together, making sure they are found on time.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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