Romantic Dinner

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When you\'re with the right person, anywhere can be romantic. But if you prefer a private setup to flex your full romance game, grab a table in the most romantic restaurant because food and love are inexorably linked. A great meal can save even a mediocre date.No matter how you slice and dice it, food and love are inextricably tied. If that doesn\'t get you hungry for some sweet, sweet romantic dinner, I don\'t know what will. You\'re lucky! Today we are going to one of the most elite restaurants in town to celebrate a romantic anniversary.Ana is the main waitress in this fine-dining restaurant which serves the most exclusive guests. Her regular clients sometimes have the most romantic demands. This evening, there is a lot of love in the air. A couple that has a deep love for one another wants to rent the entire restaurant on the occasion of the anniversary of their marriage. Ana is responsible to set up the restaurant in most romantic way for their taste. Let\'s prepare everything very full and thoughtful for a night they will never forget. Play the free online hidden object game Romantic Dinner. Ana is a waitress. She has to decorate the entire restaurant for a romantic anniversary dinner.

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