Forever in Darkness

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Well this is what we call a really scary game, so if you are afraid of vampires and things like that, you better be prepared for this challenge. At first, meet the three vampires Katherine, Damien and Victoria who are the main characters in this game, of course, together with you. But, you are on their territory now so do your best to confront them and walk out from the game as a real winner.You\'ve entered the home of Katherine, Damien and Victoria. As, we said, they are vampires but they are vampires who like to play games with their victims which means you in this case, since you are in their home at the moment. The three vampires will give you three different tasks that need to be completed and if you complete them, they will set you free.However, try to do your best because If you don\'t answer their questions, you will join them in darkness and that is not something you want, don\'t you? Let the games begin and see if you are going to win over the vampires or you will stay forever in darkness.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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