The Summer Bride

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There are only few days left before Andrea\'s wedding. She will get married with her love Donald. Andrea is very happy about that so she hardly waits that big day to come. She had that fortune to find the perfect man and she really likes to spend her life with him, without any doubt on her mind. Few days before the wedding, Andrea decides to prepare a huge surprise for her best friends. She will take them to an unforgettable weekend on the Hawaii. Andrea likes to spend some time with her friends before she gets married and prepare the craziest bachelorette party ever! Her friends will arrive any minute, and Andrea likes everything to be perfect for the great night. She likes to organize all and take care of every possible detail of the party. Perhaps Andrea could handle things by herself but since she is preparing for a wedding as well, she would need some help. We invite you to take part in this sweet rush and help Andrea make everything perfect before her best friends arrive. This would be a time to remember, something that she will always keep in her mind, just like the wedding, so it will be very nice if we help her.

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