The Dark Motel

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In our surroundings, usually there is some particular place that makes people scared. Sometimes it about an abandoned house, about some old castle, about some empty factory and people invent stories about it. Those stories could be just rumors but some of them are somehow related to the reality...Let’s see how is it in the following situation. There is one motel that scares the people who live around that place. It is about an old and abandoned motel, a very scary place. The place is scary by itself but there is one more thing... There is a mystery about ghosts that supposedly live in the motel. That is the reason why people avoid going there, not to mention staying there.However, Linda, Paul and Karen are brave enough so they decided to enter into the motel to find out what is going on there. It is a fact that no-one has entered into this mysterious motel before, but those three believe that it is time to face this unusual happening and to solve the mystery once for all. We can also help them in this unusual adventure, so let’s start exploring.

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