Dangerous Silence

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Human’s passion is a very delicate thing. Sometimes the passion we have makes us do incredible things. It improves our creativity in life and encourages us to do things that seem to be unbelievable. However, that is the positive side of our passions, the one that makes us go forward but every passion is not that positive.Sometimes people feel passion for things that are forbidden, sometimes for dangerous things or simply their passion is leading to some thoughtless situation, even if we have only good intentions.Jessica’s father is a man that loves climbing. He climbs very often but every time he comes back home the same day. Staying somewhere overnight is not his choice, even though he loves the nature so much. Three days ago, Jessica’s father has left home and went climbing but he still hasn’t come home. Jessica is scared if something bad has happen to him, so she goes to look for him. She is searching around the whole day, investing her energy without any reservation and without noticing that the time passes. Now Jessica is completely alone in a dark forest and it is night already. She is so afraid that she won’t know how to come back…

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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