Island Of The Pirates

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The three friends Victoria, Olivia, and Gloria decided to take a big responsibility on their back. Namely, they live in one small village near the sea, a place that has become very poor because of the frequent robberies made by the pirates. This place appeared to be a great spot for the pirates, easily reachable for them, so they started visiting it very often and making terrible damage to the people who live there. The village that once was a beautiful place, where people enjoyed all the benefits that come with the amazing location, turned into a place with frightened inhabitants. They are under stress every single day because they can\'t know when could those pirates come again.But time has come, to put an end to the whole situation, The three brave girls have finally decided that they will be the ones that will take revenge and face the evil pirates on their Island. The mission of Victoria, Olivia, and Gloria is very hard by they are prepared to do everything that is in their powers, to save the village.

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