Weekend at the Lake

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Weekends are time when people usually take rest from the intense working week. Sometimes rest means staying at home and watching movies the whole weekend but going somewhere is also a great option. That way we fill our batteries and see or experience something new, or we simply visit some place that is our favorite. Camping is another great way to spend the weekend in nature. We enjoy the wonderful fresh air and we become one with the nature because only that way we could adapt to the whole atmosphere. Lori has also decided to spend one weekend I nature. For the weekend she has chosen an amazing location – the near lake. She thinks that this is the best place where she can place her tent and spend an unforgettable weekend. This stay in nature will combine the fresh air with a great adventure or with other words, this will be a real unique experience.Lori will need our help to set up the place where she will camp, so are you prepared for this kind of an adventure? Let\'s learn something more about camping together with Lori.

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