Throne of Power

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In a great hall there is a massive throne room where the Throne of Power is situated. A few people are trusted to guard the great throne. It takes not just courage but a great trust to do this important duty. There is something devine in this room and as soon as you enter you feel the presence. It is also employed for official ceremonies.Ivia is the main keeper of the Throne of Power. The throne is set by the gods and only serves them. The Throne symbolizes power, rule and authority in matters of our own creation and redemption of life because we have a created and a redeemed nature of life. Ivia mission is to defend the throne. As rivals across the kingdoms launch uprisings against it, her task is to find the best way to defend it.Ivia must not allow anyone to misuse it as this will angry the gods and create chaos in the kingdom. Together with two of her faithful friends, Nelina and Amula she has a task to find the necessary items that serve them in order to defend this throne from those who want to harm it. Lets help them!

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