Warning Signs

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There can\'t be a crime without evidences. He thing is that criminals always leave some kind of trace, just that the detectives are not able of getting into criminal\'s head right away. Detectives can\'t predict for sure where is the start point. If they figure out the main idea of the criminal mind, then it might become easier predicting the next step and following its intentions.The two detectives Jane and Bobby, together with the policeman Amber, are on a mission to stop the huge criminal gang in its intention. This gang likes to make the hugest robbery in the history of the state and they have already started planning it. However, the group of professionals – Jane, Bobby and Amber, has noticed few warning signs that lead them to the house that hides the main evidences for the wicked plan. They are now at the place, searching for those traces and believing that they might stop the biggest robbery in the state.Let\'s help Jane, Bobby and Amber and prove that there is no such a thing like a perfect crime.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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