The Excursion Train

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Going on an excursion is a real excitement, especially if it is about the kids’ excursion. They hardly wait to go somewhere and have fun and every step of the excursion offers a different enjoyment for them. but unfortunately, something unexpected happens in this excursion, let’s see what was that.Amy, Gary and Laura work at the railway station. Besides their regular job, every day they face a different situation. Today, they have a task that is a little bit strange, even though they have seen everything. Namely, the train that was driving the kids on excursion broke down. All the kids that were in this train, had to move to another train, but while they were doing the transfer, some of the kids have lost their personal stuff.Amy, together with Gary and Laura, have a task to find the kids’ personal belongings and bring them back. And if we have in mind that those objects were lost by children, who knows how hard it would be to find them right? But let’s see how will Amy, Gary and Laura solve this situation. We hope that everyone will get what belongs to them.

Click on an object in the scene if you found an object of interest


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