Dreamy Castle

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All girls dream about having such a friendship as Ava, Isabela, Mia, and Sophia. They have been together since they were very young and have numerous precious memories together. They\'ve shared good and bad and can always count on each other. And now, something outstanding happens to the four friends. Namely, it affects one of them, but the other three have accepted the news with great excitement, and they are very happy about it. Namely, Ava, for a few days, will tell the fateful \"yes.\" The three friends will be together after the wedding, that is for sure, but Isabella, Mia and Sophia decided to give their best friend Ava, a wonderful surprise. The three friends decide that the most beautiful place for the wedding of their best friend would be the beautiful castle in the south of the country, which is filled with romantic landscapes. They\'ve seen the dreamy castle before, it is a wonderful place, and Ava will be very happy if her friends manage to place the wedding there.Let\'s see what will happen.

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