Lonesome Cabin

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Emily, together with her husband Paul, wanted to visit some unusual place. Often, when they want to go somewhere, to a place that is not that known, they search on google earth and see if they can find something that it\'s nice for them. This time, they found a small abandoned cottage, alone in its surroundings, located near the place where they live. Emily and Paul found this cottage very interesting for them, so they decided that they like to go exactly to this place and explore the little house.Actually, the lonesome cabin is located in the woods, near their home. And even though they were surprised that they didn\'t notice that cabin by now, they always believed that it is not possible to know everything around, in their surroundings, and google earth just proved that. But that is actually good, they still have interesting places Let\'s search around together with Emily and Paul and find out something more about the lonesome cabin in the woods. This will be a great walk for us too because the surroundings are excellent.

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